Short Survey for my final project :)

hello :D

would you please help me to complete the short survey ? it's for my final project regarding to the phobia of being in dark/night. :] Thanks ! :)

Here you go the link :-

yay! sem breaks!

lalalalala.....i know..sem break started few days ago.. but i guess its not too late to post this.. Hiak hiak hiak~ nothing much.. just wanna conclude this sem :)

hmm.. firstly about Digital Video. haaa...1st time step into video shooting and 1st time involve in film competition(MUFORS).....its not a very bad idea anyway. experience is what we need. so be cool n chill :)

So, video shooting is time consuming i would say and money too.. but its a fun subject when you actually do something stupid through out the project. Hahahhaa.. And yeah, of coz learned some technical about premier pro and deal with your "equipment". pre, prod, post-production..not an easy job because it involved different matter and a team.. so, just take it n go la.. haiya..

Next marketing. HAHAHA. it's totally out of my expectation. Expect something more than moral/sea. hiak?:P

Photography. Went to bukit Cahaya shah alam every sunday/sat and walked until my leg broke. but to be honest, i like the smell of the natural :D so so so freshyy! and not to forget, hate the mosquitoes there alot! bring along some cream or whatever u call it.. or else u will come back with few red spot.

Process of taking photos, i would say its challenging for me. But at the end of the day I'm quite happy with what I've done. It's not the best yet but i think at least i've improved from the starting. at least la. :P *this reminds me i havent filtered and send pics to those who helped me as a model><*

Lastly, Web design II. woots!!! Last sem Web Design I, used up 4months to create 8pages of html with the requirement of using table form. This sem? Approximately given 2months like that to create 8pages of html with Div tag.

Not too bad for the time given because we only have 4 subjects in this semester. So blame sendiri if cant finish. So I blame myself for cant manage to do user testing ONLINE. Sigh....... Nevermind. What I can conclude for this subject is that, self-exploration is important. lalalaalalala~ so do google more:D

ok la.. wanted to post few photos here but i seem kinda lazy now :P Only thing that i can post up here is Web design II. my link- CLICK HERE . *Not all of it can be linked. some of it are dummy-link.which mean some of it is not linkable*

WD2-Redesign Commercial Website [Main Page+Product Page]

[main page]

1st version...

2nd version...

sweat hor....
Yalor...i feel sweat too...

[product page]

1st version's punya product page.

2nd version's punya product page.

Sweat again hor..ZZ

WD2-Redesign Commercial Website [moodboard+revised site map]

mood board 1. ...

Mood board 2nd

Revised Site map

WD2-Redesign Commercial Website [Tutorials+Codes]

High Res Paper Background :

Watercolor text on wet paper :

Watercolor painting :

Watercolor brushes/effect :

Nature Inspired PAinted Bg :

Watercolor web layout :


WD2-Redesign Commercial Website [4 beautiful's]

1) Sour sally!

The illustrations are impressive. *a full-flash*


i want this :(

3)Old town :)

It makes me feel hungry rite now.

It's been a long time i nvr visit sony

WD2-Redesign Commercial Website [4 competitor's]

1) Leong yin

2) Casahana

3) Baker Cottage

4) PurpleCane

there are lots of mooncake company site but the route might be a little different like some of them actually is restaurant/hotel and slowly develop to mooncake.